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Your Pool in the Arizona Winter

Eventhough we are not enjoying our pools in January, that does not mean we can neglect them until June rolls around!!

Consumer Pool Safety


Check out the link above. We can never be too safe around a pool!!!

To Bead or not to Bead, that is the question!



Where’s my pool water??


So one day we get this call from a longtime customer:   

“Hi Mike, I’m not sure what happened but I went poolside this morning and my water is missing. Please Call!”


July 2010 Newsletter

June 2010 Newsletter

For the love of POOCHES!

Maggie the strawberry blonde, Tonka the big galute, our pets we would like to share with our followers!


This is interesting stuff. We have a customer who loves to swim with her 3 LARGE dogs. We typically clean a cartridge filter in these areas of Arizona every 6 months.




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