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Your Pool in the Arizona Winter

Eventhough we are not enjoying our pools in January, that does not mean we can neglect them until June rolls around!! Maintaining your pool through the winter months means assuring the longevity of YOUR very large investment (you know that large whole in the ground with water).  So, what do I mean by "maintaining"...

  • Running your time clock for 5-6 hours per day
  • Brushing the sides of your pool to ensure no algae growth
  • Netting debris from the pool, in turn removing possible phosphates from the water which could turn into algae (don't get me started on phosphates) :)
  • BALANCING POOL CHEMICALS...test your water weekly/bi-weekly, add muratic acid to the pool if the ph and alkalinity are high, add chlorine tabs to ensure a good level of chlorine, and maintain correct salt levels for such pools.  If it is becoming difficult to maintain your chemicals it just may be time to drain your pool water and refill.  In Arizona we must drain pools every 2-3 years depending, due to the hard water we have.  You can test your water for a hardnesss level (anything 750 and above needs to be drained)
  • Always remember to continue backwashing (DE and Sand Filters) and cleaning your filters!!!  In Arizona, Cartridge and DE filters need to be taken apart and cleaned every 6 months per manufacturer (more often in some cases).  Sand filters require the sand to be changed every 3+ years.


CIRCULATION, FILTRATION, AND CHEMICALS...if you don't have these three elements you may as well be paddling backwards!


All in all, to ensure your pool water does not become "agressive" on your pool equipement due to lack of proper pool chemistry and care...maintain your pool all through the year!  Your pool and wallet will thank you in the end!  



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