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Where’s my pool water??


So one day we get this call from a longtime customer:   

“Hi Mike, I’m not sure what happened but I went poolside this morning and my water is missing. Please Call!”


Turns out to be one of those unfortunate situations.  Upon inspection we found the filter had cracked disbursing water on the side of his house, flowing to the street through the night.  And since we’re in Arizona, it was mostly dried up by the time morning came.  Why did it crack?  Just typical wear on aged equipment.   

Something pool owners need to understand is there is typical wear and tear which occurs on pools and equipment .   Filters crack, motors go out, motors leak, plumbing cracks under the sun  and heat, plastic parts in vacuums break.  We look at it this way.  All pool equipment runs non-stop 8 hours a day on average for 365 days a year here in Arizona and will endure ‘issues’ that will have to be addressed & repaired.     

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