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To Bead or not to Bead, that is the question!



In the Phoenix area we have very hard water. Due to the inability to control Ph & Alkalinity, hard water becomes very abusive and corrosive to swimming pools, from the water, body and surface of the pool to the equipment.  Balancing chemicals becomes very challenging in that chemicals virtually stop working,




leaving water unable to stay sanitized. The end result is Algae.  Pools need to be drained every 2-3 years in the Phoenix area because of the hard water.

Besides chemical balancing issues, high amounts of calcium forms in the pool.  Calcium looks for a place to settle when it can’t be dissolved anylonger. Sometimes it deposits itself on the body or floor of the pool. However, most of the time it deposits itself at the water level line and ends up around the perimeter of the pool as shown in the photos above. 

Calcium deposits are a cosmetic problem to most people and it comes down to the additional cost to remove the calcium line.  What most people do not realize is the calcium line is full of cracks & crevices which algae LOVES to hide in.  When the line is newer, the crevices aren’t that noticeable or problematic.  However over time, the calcium line becomes so thick it needs to be removed by the process of bead blasting. 

There are retail chemicals sold for much less than a bead blast, yet we have never seen one remove the line.  As a result, the only thing we see is frustration by a customer when they try the products and the still have the line.  All they see removed is their money as it goes down the drain…. excuse the pun.

There is expense to remove a calcium line, which will inevitably come back within the next 2-3 year period. This is what is frustrating when making the decision to remove the line. 

So “To Bead or not to Bead”. What is the answer?  Ultimately the line will inevitably have to be removed. It’s a necessary evil when owning a swimming pool in this area.


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