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Service & Repairs


Chem & Brush

Service starts at $75.00 per month.

Price quoted is for in-ground play pools. Spools, free standing spas, extra large or deep end pools, price is determined upon inspection.

Weekly visits year round to include emptying of skimmer baskets & pump baskets, inspection and troubleshooting all equipment, brush sides and steps of pool, backwashing DE & Sand filters, salt cell cleaning and water balancing.

Chemicals included are typical use of Chlorine tabs and Acid. Any salt added to a pool, commercial algae products and stabilizer are at additional cost.

Full Service

Service starts at $85.00 per month.

Price includes all of the Chem & Brush services as well as netting debris from surface and floor of pool.

Pool Drain

A drain and chlorine rinse is a 3 day process and includes all start-up chemicals. Inspection is necessary for non-customers.

Salt is additional. Tile line / Calcium removal is not part of a drain price.

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Acid Wash



Inspection is necessary for non-customers.

Not included in a typical drain and will be quoted accordingly


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Calcium Line Removal


Bead blast process starts at $3.50 per linear foot.

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Calcium Nodule Removal


Typically seen on the floor of pool, needs to be sanded off.

Quote will be determined upon inspection.

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Filter Cleaning

DE & Cartridge $90.00

Sand Change

Quote based on size of filter. 

Other Services

Just to name a few! Please call for your specific needs

  • Plumbing repairs
  • Pump & motor replacements
  • All equipment repairs
  • All vacuum & in-ground cleaning system repairs
  • Green Treats
  • Heater installations
  • Salt Cell installations or replacements
  • Pool light full replacement or bulb replacements
  • Supplies available through our online store




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